Note -   Bill Miller Photographers will be at the prom.  Envelopes are in Mrs. Bowling's room so that you can easily and order couple and/or group pictures at prom.   Also, we will try to take a group-junior picture and a group-senior picture. ($12)     In addition, we will take single/individual canvass framed portraits at prom and the money is not due until we receive the pictures in a couple of weeks.

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Welcome to My Page!

Hello.  My name is Cheryl Bowling.  Though originally from Texas, I am a graduate of U.A.B. (B.S.) and a graduate of U.A. -Gadsden (M.A.).   I have been married for 41 years to John Bowling.   We have two wonderful grown children - Della, whose husband is Patrick Barber, and Wilson.   We also have 2 wonderful, sweet grand-children. We live on a small ranch/farm in the Gadsden area.   I am proud to be a member of the faculty at Glencoe High School

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I currently teach Career Preparedness (which includes computer applications), Business Technology Applications, Multimedia Design, and Multimedia Publications (yearbook).


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