Welcome to Family Consumer Science section of the Career Tech Division of Etowah County Schools. I am now the oldest faculty member on staff at Glencoe High School and find myself in my last year of teaching at this wonderful school.  I have enjoyed God's blessings as a member of this school's faculty. I have enjoyed the association with many wonderful (some not so wonderful) educators who have left over the last twenty-four years.
      Glencoe is a wonderful community to be a part.  I meet my husband of 47 years at the 1965 Homecoming Dance.  I attended another area school, but was best friends with a GHS teacher's daughter.  Mrs. Sara Croft made John "Bruno" Bryant ask me to dance my first real dance.  Who would have thought that one dance would lead to me marrying my husband?  Our two daughters, Amanda (class of 1995) and Robyn (class of 1997) attended and graduated from their father's same high school. More than that, who would have thought I would be allowed the opportunity to teach both of my daughters while they were in high school.  I have been abundantly blessed over the years with wonderful students and find myself now teaching my former students children.  It is true that life is a circle.  My teaching career has gone full circle with my (practice teaching) education career starting at GASTON HIGH in 1991 teaching Molly Phillips and Kasey Lackey, and now I find myself teaching Molly's daughter my last year at Glencoe High School.  God is good.
       I have been blessed to have taught biology, physical science, title one classes for remediation for the graduation exam, environmental science, drama, all four grades of English, Honors 11 and 12 grade English, AP 11 grade English, current events, child development, interior design, sports nutrition, dietetics, family consumer science (FACS). I was the first teacher to be AP Certified in AP Language 11 grade at Glencoe High School, but only allowed to teach the course by Mr. Giles. I coached Volleyball for three years, but never got a coach's shirt. I have been known to many as the "Singing Birthday Lady in Black" and scared several teachers in not coming to school on their birthdays. 
       I have planned and taken former students and parents to England, Wales, Scotland, France, Morocco, and Italy on multiple trips. I have taken and still take student to the Shakespeare Theater in Montgomery, Alabama and the FOX Theater in Atlanta, Georgia. I was Glencoe's High School Teacher of the Year (don't ask when).  I think the faculty just voted for me to make the former principal mad.
I sponsored the Pilot Club, Co-sponsor of Jr. Civitians with Mrs Handy and Mrs. Hayes, and now sponsor the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA).  I have passed the ServSafe testing and become a proctor to give the ServSafe testing to my students.  I have been a Junior Sponsor for twenty-five years, and this 2017 will be the last PROM I organize with the Junior and Senior classes. I have had the pleasure of training many future event planners.  
       I want to thank the Etowah County School Board for trusting me to teach hundreds of children over the last twenty plus years.  I want to thank Mr. Giles, Mark Stancil, and Mary Lou Hill for helping get me through the first Business Industry Certification (BIC) my first year as the FACS instructor.  Folks, BIC is not just a pen; it is a lot of work.  I want to thank my following business leaders who help with the FACS projects: Brent Lang, Jeff Word, Teresa Blakney, Dr. Kristan Hale, Glencoe Jewelers owners, and Peggy Casey for all their help through the last three years.
       FCCLA is a big part of the FACS program.  I want to praise the hard work the following FCCLA officers did the month of June 2016 embroidering beach towels and hats to earn money to go to Conference:  Brooke Richey, Skylar Dixon, Jessica Mobley, Mary Christlyn Deerman, Halie Giles, Josh Green, and Kayleigh Slaton.  Thanks  to all the people who have worked, and will be working to help send the FCCLA officers to the Cluster Conference in November taking place in Orlando, Florida. I really hope this is the first of many conferences for the FCCLA of Glencoe High.
       God put me at Glencoe to teach and I have, but I consider my career a mission field. I pray my young people will never let anyone steal their JOY as they continue their education. Life is tough. Our young are the future. I have lost students over the years, and my heart cries out to their families. Thank you all for the wonderful opportunity of being a part of your lives. I have and will continue to pray for the students and faculty and staff of Glencoe High School until God takes me home.
       I have had FUN even when it has been hard work. I love being a teacher, and I love you all.
I promise Mrs. B will never be NORMAL.