Alldredge, Alexa


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About the Project

Students participated in a cross-the-line activity (Freedom Writers Line Activity) in class that asked them to cross a line when they have been affected by or been through certain circumstances. They then watched Madison City Schools' "I am Human" project video that features students and teachers telling what makes them human (Madison City Schools "I am Human" Video). Students came up with the idea to make their own empowering video. I have been so blown away and proud of students for being so willing to be honest and truly transparent about what makes them human. My goal with this project is for my students to understand that we all go through tough obstacles, but rising out of the ashes is what it is all about because we are all imperfectly human. I want them to know that being human is what makes life beautiful. I love each and every one of them and I am beyond proud!

All students were required to sign a consent form that gives permission to publish this video with their personal testimonies in it. I would never publish something with personal content without student consent. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at