9th grade English
Tillman 9th grade syllabus (1).docx

9th Supply List:
$15 for a Wordskills vocabulary workbook 
Notebook paper

Texts Covered in Class:
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper lee
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens 
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare 
Selected works from Prentice Hall Literature (textbook)

**No student will be assigned a textbook or novel to take home with them. All reading assignments are to be done in class!

Google Classroom:
Students will have assignments in Google Classroom this year; therefore, they will need access to a computer, cell phone, etc. and the internet. Students will be using their school email address to complete these assignments. If, for any reason, a student does not have access to Google Classroom at home, they will be allowed to use a computer at school during Jacket period or on their own time. Students will not be allowed to complete these assignments during class.