11th Grade US History Syllabus

11th Grade US History Syllabus


Course Description:

U.S. History is a yearlong survey of American history from Reconstruction to the present.  Emphasis is placed on vocabulary, critical thinking skills, historical writing, and interpretation of original documents (DBQ’s).  Besides listening to traditional lectures on important themes in U.S. History, students are expected to participate in class through discussions, debates of key issues, simulations, and mock trials.  Furthermore, students are expected to continually develop their writing skills through regular short writing assignments, and maintain a notebook of all class handouts and materials, and complete assigned homework.

Materials and Supplies:

Please bring the following to class every day: lined paper, pencils, blue and/or black pens, highlighter, and a three-ring binder (preferably a 2” or 3”).  In addition, you will need a spiral notebook (10 ½ “ x 8” 70 sheets) that will be kept in the classroom for writing assignments. A pair of inexpensive headphones or earphones that can be used with a computer is recommended for internet assignments, because for some tasks they will be required to listen to video and audio.

Makeup Work Policy:

At the beginning of class on the day you return, you will be expected to turn in any assignments that were collected while you were out. At the end of class, check with me to see what you missed and to pick up handouts, arrange to makeup tests, quizzes, etc. Turn in any missed assignments the next class session. This is your responsibility!


Grades are calculated by dividing the total points earned by the total points possible.

To succeed in this class, complete ALL assignments! I occasionally assign extra credit at the end of the grading period for you to boost your grade. Again, this is a privilege. Do not assume that you are entitled to it. Furthermore, if you have missing assignments you will not be eligible for extra credit until all assigned work has been submitted. All handouts and work (in progress and returned) are to be kept in students’ binders. Do not throw anything away!


Unit 2: 1877-1917 Bridge to the 20th Century

Chapter 5: Changes on the Western Frontier

Chapter 6: A New Industrial Age

Chapter 7: Immigrants and Urbanization

Chapter 8: Life at the Turn of the 20th Century

Unit 3: 1890-1920 Modern America Emerges

Chapter 9: The Progressive Era

Chapter 10: America Claims an Empire

Chapter 11: The First World War

Unit 4: 1919-1940 The 1920s and the Great Depression

Chapter 12: Politics of the Roaring Twenties

Chapter 13: The Roaring Life of the 1920s

Chapter 14: The Great Depression Begins

Chapter 15: The New Deal

Unit 5: 1931-1960 World War II and Its Aftermath

Chapter 16: World War Looms

Chapter 17: The United States in World War II

Chapter 18: Cold War Conflicts

Chapter 19: The Postwar Boom

Unit 6: 1954-1975 Living with Great Turmoil

Chapter 20: The New Frontier and the Great Society

Chapter 21: Civil Rights

Chapter 22: The Vietnam War Years

Chapter 23: An Era of Social Change

Unit 7: 1968-Present Passage to a New Century

Chapter 24: An Age of Limits

Chapter 25: The Conservative Tide

Chapter 26: The United States in Today's World


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