Algebra I/IA and II Course Description

                                             ALGEBRA I

The Algebra I course builds on foundational mathematics content learned by students in Grades K-8 by

expanding mathematics understanding to provide students with a strong mathematics education. Content

is designed to engage students in a variety of mathematical experiences that include the use of reasoning

and problem-solving skills, which may be applied to life situations beyond the classroom setting. This

course serves as the cornerstone for all high school mathematics courses; therefore, all subsequent

mathematics courses require student mastery of the Algebra I content standards.


                                                           ALGEBRA II WITH TRIGONOMETRY

Algebra II With Trigonometry is a course designed to extend students’ knowledge of Algebra I with

additional algebraic and trigonometric content. Mastery of the content standards for this course is

necessary for student success in higher-level mathematics. The use of appropriate technology is

encouraged for numerical and graphical investigations that enhance analytical comprehension.

Algebra II With Trigonometry is required for all students pursuing the Alabama High School Diploma

with Advanced Academic Endorsement. Prerequisites for this course are Algebra I and Geometry. If a

student chooses to take the Algebraic Connections course, it must be taken prior to the Algebra II With

Trigonometry course.