Mrs. Blakeley's Environmental Science

chapter_4_guided_notes.docx COURSE TITLE: Environmental Science

TEACHER NAME: Mrs. Katey Blakeley


ROOM: 14


Make Up Work:

1.  Make up work is the responsibility of the student that is absent.  I will not track you down to make sure you complete your missed assignments.

2.  According to the school handbook, you have three days to make up missing assignments from an excused absence.

3.  The make-up work area is located in the back of the room.  Check the calendar to see what we did.

-   Bell work done while you are absent should be copied from the teacher’s sample notebook or from your partner by Friday of the week that you are out.

-   Notes can be copied from the sample notebook or from your partner.  It is suggested that you get your notes as soon as possible so that you don’t fall too far behind.

-   Any handouts given out when you are absent can be found in the sample notebook and in the black folders on the wall.

4.  Be sure to turn in any assignments that were taken up or graded.

5.  Any missed tests must be made up either before or after school but not during class time.  You must make the test up within three days.

Assessment and Feedback Plan

There will be lots of grades accumulated during every nine weeks.  We will have quizzes, tests, class work, and lab reports. The following is how I distribute my point system and what my grading scale will be for this class.

Grade Calculation Example                                                  Grading Scale

John Doe-                                                                            100-90  - A

Ch. 2 Test- 80/100                                                               89-80%   - B

Ch. 3 Vocabulary- 24/24                                                      79-70%   - C

Lab Activity- 43/50                                                              69-60%   - D

Class Assignment- 35/35                                                      59% and below-F

Total Points Possible: 209                  192/209=0.944*100=94.4

Total Points for John Doe: 192         Final Grade: 94 A


  1. Be prepared and on time for class.

  2. Be respectful of classmates and yourself at all times.

  3. Follow all rules stated in the school handbook.

Discipline Consequences

If any of the above rules are broken, there are certain disciplinary consequences that will occur to every student.  Please remember, these steps refer to minor disciplinary problems.  If there is ever a major problem, the student will be written up and sent to the office immediately.  The consequences are:

1        Verbal Warning

2        Parent Contact

3        Written Up

4        Office Referral